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Optimise your business and gain peace of mind with Trifour’s Professional Services Unit

Our Professional Services Unit (PSU) offers the perspective, technical expertise and practical guidance you need to implement and integrate our products in a pragmatic and sustainable way. We work alongside clients to help optimise workflows to fit your unique needs, and maximise your productivity.

Our team offers:

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Bespoke business consulting

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Development and system integration

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ICT operations, admin and monitoring

Bespoke business consulting

TriFour’s consultants contribute at various levels – strategic, operational, and expert – to help you analyse your business and procedures, develop your system requirements, implement digitisation strategies, and train your staff in them.

Beyond the initial implementation phase, we also provide top-up training and consultation services to help refine your business strategy and align practices towards it, with the goal of boosting your productivity and functionality in the long term.

Trifour Project Management

Project and change management

Trifour System Configuration

System configuration and support

Trifour Training Strategy

Training and strategy refinement

Trifour Go Live

Go-Live implementation and support

Trifour Development Standard Operating Procedures

Development of standard operating procedures

Trifour Development System Integration

Development and system integration

Our clients can rely on us to offer digitisation strategies, conduct business analysis, and provide project and change management, implementation, and training. These services cover a wide spectrum of healthcare ICT-related topics, including

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Health information exchanges

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Healthcare administration systems

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Patient Master Index (PMI)

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Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

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Clinical support systems

Laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and pharmacy automation

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System integration and interoperability

National Department of Health Normative Standards Framework, FHIR, HL7, IHE

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Medical terminologies and value-sets


Trifour Clinical Support Systems

Our team has successfully developed and implemented many high-volume and mission-critical system-to-system integration projects, as well as a number of high-volume analyser-to-system projects, using InterSystems technologies and health standards including HL7, FHIR and IHE

These projects are active, current, and referenceable on request.

The TriFour PSU also offers front-end web and mobile development services, using the latest Angular framework, together with InterSystems technologies, to deliver state-of-the art responsive single-page web applications.

We’re happy to share references to our active projects, as well as referrals to larger organisations such as InterSystems, Mediclinic, and the National Health Laboratory Services.

ICT operations, admin and monitoring

As healthcare moves more fully into the digital space, patient care has become more reliant on 100% uptime of ICT equipment. That’s where the PSU comes in. We aim to support you at every step with quality managed services:

Trifour System Monitoring

System monitoring

Trifour Dashboarding Notification Systems

Dashboarding and notification systems

Trifour Root Cause Analysis

Root cause analysis

Trifour Interface Monitoring

Interface monitoring

Trifour Preventative Support

Preventative support

Trifour Capacity Planning

Capacity planning, and more

When it comes to servers, virtual machines, operating systems, InterSystems data platforms (IRIS/ HealthShare/ Integration Engine), and applications and network devices, TriFour’s monitoring systems are configured for real-time observations and tracking. We can also provide direct monitoring at application level where specific metrics can be identified.

Monitoring services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our commitment to real-time, proactive infrastructure monitoring and response means you can rely on us to help keep your systems running and maximise your patient care.

Trifour Monitoring Alerts

Monitoring alerts

constantly check for system notifications

Trifour Monitoring Dashboards

Monitoring dashboards

assist in the early detection of deviations

Trifour Routine Health Checks

Routine health checks

are predetermined and performed daily

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