Laboratory Information Management System (Chiron LIMS)

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When it comes to increasing efficiency and maximising research output in your laboratories, our Laboratory Information System (LIMS) is the all-in-one solution you need.

This modern, best-in-class technology combines effective workflow optimisation and automation for clinical laboratories, with a fantastic user experience for laboratory staff and doctors alike. Our LIMS increases accuracy and throughput, manages costs to create a competitive and efficient organisation, and is fully customisable, giving you the freedom to tailor the system to your specific needs.

Validation and verification tracking

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Enjoy instant access from anywhere

The LIMS is device-agnostic, allowing access anywhere, anytime, on any modern browser. With cloud-based access, users can:

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Analyse and draw clinical pictures remotely.

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Get powerful data analytics and insights into their operations.

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Gain access to real-time performance data, so you have constant visibility of all your turnaround time indicators.

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Leverage upcoming AI features to facilitate diagnostics.

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Quickly and dynamically scale.

Experience the convenience of a multidisciplinary solution

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Chemistry, Haematology, Endocrinology, Virology, Immunology, etc.

The LIMS is a fully enabled multi-disciplinary solution for automated chemistry, flow cytometry, centrifuge, and spectrometry-based disciplines.

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Chiron collates, captures, dictates, and produces standardised consistent cytology result reports.

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The system can identify microorganisms and make recommendations with respect to antibiotics, record MICs, and produce easy-to-interpret sensitivity reports.

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Here you can record tissue samples, create blocks and stained slides, upload digitised slide images, and produce content-rich result reports.

The LIMS supports integration with all laboratory analysers that can connect to a computer system, as well as standard protocols such as HL7 and ASTM, while also allowing for bespoke developments. The system is also designed to help you manage and meet accreditation and certification criteria.

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